Headcrash Hotel

Immersive Arts Venue in the Metaverse

Early Access is Open

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Lost Souls

Join the counter-culture community for artists and collectors. Influence the direction in which the hotel expands.


An upcoming PFP collection with a difference. Putting community at the heart. Stay tuned.


Explore the hotel. Join the community. Showcase your Art. Create your own room.



This is a personal project by two artist / filmmakers. We're are currently looking for collaborations, investment + sponsorship. Get in touch if you'd like to join the team.


BAFTA + Webby nom'd only child denied of pets. Directed ads for Google, Apple, Sony. Co-created Les Elefants Terribles on Tezos. Now has two pets.


Award-winning film and VFX director on ads for Nike, Samsung, HTC & Dior. Given it all up to learn Unreal and the piano.

The Elevator

Ground Floor

Genesis 1/1 Art Rooms - hand built by the founders.

2nd Floor

Generative collection of Headcrash PFPs.

3rd Floor

Collabs with leading Web3 artists.

4th Floor + +

Expansive events and Immersive weirdness.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is Headcrash Hotel?
What hardware do I need to visit the Hotel?
I'm a Digital Artist. How can I get involved?
Can I invest and collect existing Art Rooms?
I'm a Digital Artist. How can I get involved?